We were given 10 minutes for our interviews. In this time I encouraged Uma to talk as much as possible about her family, career, and hobbies. We flushed out all pain points she experiences in her daily routine. After completing the interview, I visualy sorted all points into categories. Creating categories helped to ascertain a common problem.


After completing the interview, I created a persona to help keep me on task. The persona was used as a reference throughout the whole process make sure the user is considered in each step. Please take the time to get to know busy Betsy.

Comparative Analysis

After analyzing and defining the problem, I sought out mobile inspiration to help guide the user- friendly quality of the app I created.

User Flow

A flow was created to show the natural behavior of the user from first time user to more frequent use. He/she begins by reviewing the list of contacts and adding them to the sitter list. Once selected contacts are on the sitter list, the user selects a time frame which then highlights all available sitters. A babysitter flow was created to show the process the sitters utilize, since they do not have to download the app to be a part of Urgent Sitter.


Utilizing the user flow as a guide, a rapid prototype was created using tracing-paper and pen to create a POP prototype. This low fidelity prototype was responsive; giving me an opportunity to verify all my actions through user testing.