With the problem given, we created a survey to obtain the basic demographics of Cinnabon users. We hit the pavement and posted up at the Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, GA. A total of thirty surveys were taken which provided us with statistical information such as: age, residence location, number of trips made to the mall, Cinnabon purchase rate, and social media use.

Survey results

From our polling, we determined the average age of a Cinnabon purchaser to be 31 years. The results also showed that 60% of the users were female, and 57% of those purchasing a Cinnabon were in groups. Most of the users that purchase visit the mall an average of three times per month and visit Cinnabon once out of those three times.


On a separate day, we observed the users’ behavior upon visiting the Cinnabon stand at the Cumberland Mall. This observation day proved, once again, that most people that stopped the Cinnabon counter were in groups and 55% of them were women.


To gain further information about users’ perceptions, we engaged buyers after their Cinnabon purchase. Feedback was obtained on topics ranging from their Cinnabon buying experience, buyer reward programs in which they participate, hobbies and interests, and their use of photo sharing.


Gaining familiarity with company reward programs was necessary in order to acquire insight into how other companies promote their programs and reward their loyal members.


Based on our research and interviews, we created different personas to reflect the common Cinnabon buyer. These personas included the demographics, showed popular reward programs, and took into account the popular social media platforms that might relate to our Cinnabon rewards application.

The solution

From two ideas, we created an engaging interactive application with monthly changes to keep the users from deleting or discontinuing use the app. We used technology such as geo-fencing, push notifications, smartphone photography, and multi-brand rewards to help achieve our interactive goals.

Focus rewards

Cinnabon users classified the product as an indulgence; not everyday necessity. With this in mind, we shifted our rewards program to encompass all Focus Brand products to engage the different user types within the company.

Cinnabonus Step

Step is a tool within the CINNAbonus application created to alleviate any user guilt upon eating a Cinnabon. CINNAbonus Step allows users to utilize smartphone technology to count their steps and convert it to the amount of calories burned. Multiple daily activities are suggested as an extra way to increase the amount of calories burned. Choose a product as a goal, reach your goal, and receive notification when you have burned enough calories to treat yourself. Testing helped the team iterate the app, so it could be as user friendly as possible.

Cinnabonus photobooth

To deliver fun interaction and market Cinnabon, we developed a photobooth section within the app. When users take advantage of monthly campaigns, the CINNAbonus Photobooth brings interchanging stickers that float in the selfie section. Notifications for these monthly changes are featured with push-notifications along with campaign poster displays at stores. There are multiple stickers to choose from. Linking social media to the photobooth provides users an opportunity to share experiences and affords a form of gamification without awarding free Cinnabon products. Prizes are featured on the home page of the Cinnabon website with the hashtag CINNAbonus.